Scrap Metal Recycling and Processing Services

Scrap Metal Recycling and Processing Services

Serving all types of contractors and demolition companies, the scrap metal recycling and processing facility at C & M Metals, Inc. features plasma cutting, shearing, and baler compacting capabilities, to meet any industrial need. Our 200 hp baler and 3-axle truck scale are equipped for all volumes of incoming material, low to high, to suit any scale of operation. With our storm water control and filtration system, you can be assured that our facility meets standards of environmental friendliness and responsibility, as well.

Our clients include maintenance contractors, networking contractors, installers, automotive repair shops and centers, and manufacturers. Some of the products and materials we accept are brass keys and plumbing, lead from batteries, pewter, and wheel weights, gold jewelry, silver coins and electrical contacts, machinery tooling, e-waste and computer hardware (except monitors), and all types of automobile components. Contact us to learn more about our pick-up and roll-off services or any other aspect of our process.

Scrap Metal Recycling and Processing Services Specifications

Products Recycled

Aluminum Scrap
Brass Scrap
Iron Scrap
Steel Scrap
Stainsteel Scrap
Cobalt Scrap
Nickel Alloys Scrap
High Temperature Alloys Scrap

  • Batteries (Automotive, Deep Cycle, Medical)
  • Hard
  • Pewter
  • Soft
  • Wheel Weights

Gold Scrap
Silver Scrap


  • Computer Towers
  • PCI, ISA and AGP cards
  • Memory Sticks
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Hard Drives
  • Misc. Drives
  • Power Supplies
  • Processors
  • Computer Cables
  • Servers
  • Main Frames
  • Laptops

Private Recycling

Public Recycling
Roll-Off Bin Services

Processing Capabilities

Metal Compacting
Metal Shearing
Metal Torching


200 HP Metal Compactor
Zero Emission ForkLifts

2500 Ton Mobile Shear
20, 30 & 40 Yards Roll Off Bins
50 Feet Truck Scale